Sherlocked Amsterdam

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Sherlocked is a real life escape game in the heart of Amsterdam
that you play with a group of friends or colleagues
in the span of 67 minutes.

During that hour you are locked in a historic room and given the challenge to ‘sherlock’ your way out of it, using your collective intelligence and creativity.

Only 32% of visiting groups have managed to unravel every secret. Do you think you have what it takes?
Beursplein 1, 1012 JW Amsterdam
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Prijstabel van kamer: The Architect
3-6 personen
maandag t/m vrijdag € 119 per spel
zaterdag en zondag € 129 per spel
Prijstabel van kamer: The Vault
4-6 personen
maandag t/m vrijdag € 139 per spel
zaterdag en zondag € 149 per spel