Save Amsterdam

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At Save Amsterdam, we have three escape rooms. You can choose the theme: save the city from the Zombie apocalypse, of from the Water Flood, or from the Black Hole.

Zombie room: Get into the secret lab and solve the quest, discover an anti-zombie remedy to save the city.

Flood room: Get into the water pump station and solve the quest, discover how to activate the pump to save the city.

Black Hole room: Enter the Black hole and solve the mysteries within to prevent the city from being destroyed.

You have one hour to complete the mission! During your way to escape, you will solve dozens of puzzles with increasing challenge level.

The rooms are available for the group from 2 to 30 people. Additionally, we serve snacks and drinks on demand. It is a perfect solution for bigger groups: you can play in two rounds with the group of around 50-60 people, too.

Children are welcome, one child below 12 attends the room for free. There is no minimal age if you are playing with adults.

Perfect for both individual players and for bachelour parties or team outings.

Come and play!
Cornelis van Alkemadestraat 69-73, 1065 AB Amsterdam
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maandag t/m donderdag € 30 p.p. € 25 p.p. € 21 p.p. € 19 p.p. € 18 p.p. € 17 p.p. € 16 p.p. (of meer dan 8)
vrijdag t/m zondag € 31 p.p. € 26 p.p. € 22 p.p. € 20 p.p. € 19 p.p. € 18 p.p. € 17 p.p. (of meer dan 8)
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