Save Amsterdam

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This is an escape room offline game, where friends get together from repetitive online worlds and meet each other in reality. Participants play, solve numerous puzzles and riddles, all while attempting to combine several objects — exactly like an interactive quest game. Gamers will take part in an amusing adventure that requires both teamwork and an extraordinary way of thinking. It is fun!

The game will be more joyful if the team size does not exceed 6 persons, in case of a bigger group it is recommened to split into two groups and play the other room or one after another. In the waiting area you may use tea and coffee for free, and when a group plays second they will be able to use a PlayStation during their waiting time. When the groups rotate, those who already played will have the possibility to monitor the game of the second group: they can both see and hear what is happening in the room.
Cornelis van Alkemadestraat 69, 1065 AB Amsterdam
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2 personen3 personen4 personen5 personen6 personen7 personen8-10 personen
maandag t/m donderdag € 30 p.p. € 25 p.p. € 21 p.p. € 19 p.p. € 18 p.p. € 17 p.p. € 16 p.p. (of meer dan 8)
vrijdag t/m zondag € 31 p.p. € 26 p.p. € 22 p.p. € 20 p.p. € 19 p.p. € 18 p.p. € 17 p.p. (of meer dan 8)