Real escape room Dordrecht

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The Precious Room is special because you can play it once or even twice.
But only with the right answers, you will win the big prize!
And also in this room you will not get any hints, clues or tools.
You just have to work together and play by all the rules.
This room game is only available in English just to let you know.
No worries the English is very easy and I have patience, I'll go slow ;).

So what is the story about Roxy, well let me tell you and please don't forget.
A year ago she fell madly in love with the most perfect man she had ever met.
It was impossible to steal, behind big walls, in boxes, safes and double locked up at night.
But still he stole her most precious thing when she didn't look, blinded by love and sight.
To find out what he took you have to look for the answers behind all the hidden doors.
Mind your step, I am protective and get angry, if you try to steal what is not yours!?
Capaciteit escape room2-8 personen
Aanbevolen grootte4-6 personen
Puzzel typeswiskundig, verborgen, raadsels, fysiek, voelen, muziek