My Escape Club

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You are the assistants of a well-known scientist and you have the honour to be the first to test his newest invention. It is called the Time Machine. However, as it often happens with new things, something went wrong. And you've ended up in an a parallel world, the world of Steampunk. The question is - will you be able to get back?

Steampunk is a world free from digital gimmicks and internal combustion engines. In this world everything is analog, built on the mechanisms powered by steam. It is a magical universe inspired by the novels of Jules Verne and Herbert Wells with magnificent victorian era interiors and electricity experiments of Nikola Tesla.

Welcome to the most charming escape room in Amsterdam.
Capaciteit escape room2-5 personen
Aanbevolen grootte2-4 personen
Puzzel typeslogic, high-tech